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"The Music is All around Us. ​​​​​​​All you Have to Do is Listen." | 16 JULY 2020 | 4pm Amsterdam | 9am Austin | 3pm London | 10pm Singapore | [Free Power Webinar]


In this LIVE Power Webinar we have an interactive conversation with Jade Simmons, The World-renowned Classical Pianist and 2020 Independent Presidential Candidate USA, and Hein Wagner, 'A Blind Man with Vision'. Experience in this webinar a 'REVOLUTION'. Experience the magic and the inspirational lessons when we unite 'A World Class Pianist' - HEAR - and 'A Blind World Record Holder' - LISTEN - in this revolutionary year. It is time to BELIEVE. Hear. Listen. Start Believing in yourself!

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The first speaker agency in Europe since 1985

The first speaker agency in Europe since 1985

As a family business, Assemblee Speakers is a pioneer among European speaker’s agencies. Since 1985 we have taken a committed, hands-on approach to provide the highest quality service.

The art of connecting person to person

The art of connecting person to person

Connecting people, that's our true passion. As facilitators of communication, we ensure that speakers with heart and soul can convey their stories effectively and compellingly to their target audience. In this way we serve our clients and help inspire people across the world.

Our mission: The power to inspire

Our mission: The power to inspire

We believe in the power of meaningful stories. They have the power to transform, and to inspire others. That has been the mission of Assemblee Speakers since its inception.

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